How to keep mice out of storage unit

Storage space without a mouse can be considered one of the goals of storekeepers, whether they realize it or not. Indeed, once the mice have munched on your books, you will recognize the importance of healthy storage. Unfortunately, however, there are times when you carelessly place items that could attract rodents and pests into your space. A piece of cake left in your kitchen utensils, and the drama is soon in. It is important for you and your furniture to keep these pests away and for nearby storage units.

Before buying a ton of traps and poison, try other ways to keep unwanted creatures out. In most cases, a little preparation will keep your items clean and safe.

PestControlHow gives you the best ways to keep mice from squatting in your warehouse. 


How to keep mice out of storage unit

Mice are a nuisance for many reasons, one of them being that they can cause a lot of damage to items stored in storage units. If you're tired of constantly worrying about your stuff getting chewed up by mice, read on and find out how to keep mice out!  There are plenty of things you can do when it comes to preventing the mouse problem from happening again.

Pack your items in plastic bins with sealed lids. 

The best way to prevent these pests from gaining access to your clothes or other items is to place your fabrics in airtight plastic boxes and avoid cardboard at all costs. 

If you take cardboard anyway, try to buy new boxes which will be stronger than the old ones and will not have been punctured or torn during the move. The new boxes also have the advantage of being easier to stack than the old ones. Be careful of where your packages are coming from, however. If you have obtained them for free from shops and restaurants, there may be greasy stains or food that will attract rodents. 

Do not store food inside a storage unit.

Your food will eventually spoil or even rot and attract pests such as mice or moths. Therefore, you will also need to clean any items that have come into contact with food. For example, check all your kitchen utensils or furniture. Keep in mind that even the slightest crumb or smell can be fatal.


Keep lifted objects a few centimeters from the ground.

You can do this using shelving or placing pallets on the floor. Not only will this help deter pests from settling in your boxes, but it will also protect your belongings from moisture. 

Cover mattresses and upholstered furniture

Bed bugs love mattresses, and so do mice. So when you keep a mattress in storage, you should put it in a plastic mattress cover and check that it is completely covered.

If you place plastic sheeting over your items like sofas, try to let your furniture breathe. Plastic sheeting put too tightly around it will trap moisture and potentially damage your furniture.

Use natural pest deterrents. 

Avoid buying chemicals directly. An anti-moth odor is not very pleasant on clothes. Instead, start by cleaning up your storage space by sweeping it. Next, try removing odors with white vinegar and baking soda. Next, place cedar balls to keep moths away. Finally, place cotton balls soaked in peppermint essential oils. 

Visit your storage space regularly.

You will have a better chance of remedying an infestation by being aware of it as soon as possible. Visit your storage space every month. Check for signs of moths or rodents (such as nibbled objects). If you see any, ask your storage facility or the space owner. 


What Are The Best Mouse Traps?

The best mouse trap is the one that will work for you. You can find a variety of options to choose from, so it's important to do your research and identify which type of traps will be most effective in your home or office space.

What to do when mice avoid traps?

The mouse is much more intelligent than you think. When mice find danger in a particular area, they will avoid that place. If the mouse avoids the trap, you need to give them time to adapt to a permanently placed mouse trap that does not use bait. Once they are satisfied, start adding bait to the trap to catch the mice.


The best way to keep mice out of your storage unit is by taking the proper precautions. Mice are nasty creatures, and they will chew through anything if they're hungry enough! So make sure you do everything possible before storing belongings because once rodents find their way into one spot, they'll move on quickly from there until all food sources are gone.

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