Does ammonia keep rats away? (Find Out!)

Remember that annoying roommate who blasted music out loud in your room and left dirty dishes all over? Rats really are worse roommates than them. 

Besides stealing giant pieces of pizza from you and infecting you with diseases, sharing a room with rats can cause you much more distress. These disgusting disease carriers have been reported to mate 100 times in a single night, and females can mate at least 500 times in 6 hours when on heat! Hard to imagine, right? 

Literary rats are baby-making machines, which means that once they infest your home, you must take action immediately. Ignoring a single rat sighting will result in a full-blown infestation that will soon colonize your home with uncountable rats running around.

Did you know that a mother rat can eat her babies? When she's hungry or stressed out, for instance, from the pain of a long birth or disturbance from unusual noises, she will kill her healthy babies and eat them!

Nobody wants this rat chaos in their homes. So it's pretty understandable that you want to repel these annoying critters with anything available at home. But does ammonia keep rats away?

This article seeks to answer that question and provide you with the best ways to use ammonia effectively to keep rats away.

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Does Ammonia Keep Rats Away?

Rats are ranked quite high in terms of having the best olfactory organs. They have an incredibly high sense of smell such that they can quickly denote slight smell changes in the atmosphere, for instance, due to chemicals. 

In fact, they locate food in the dark with their sense of smell. Rats also smell danger. They use their powerful sense of smell to detect and evade potential predators- they can smell predator urine.

Ammonia is a colorless gas that exudes a very strong odor. As a combination of nitrogen and hydrogen, the odor released by ammonia smells like urine or sweat and can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation.

The smell of ammonia resembles that of predator urine. Once rats smell it, they are sure that a carnivorous predator is nearby and will free that area immediately. The strong ammonia odor, closely resembling the smell of predator urine like cats, makes ammonia a very effective rat repellent.

The powerful ammonia smell is also extremely irritating, and according to an earlier study, it can damage rat respiratory organs. The toxic fumes can damage the rat trachea and even cause cell death. 

The Best Way To Use Ammonia To Repel Rats

Ammonia is widely used as a rat repellent because, besides being very effective, it is also easily found on the market. 

Important: Note that ammonia is a chemical, and it contains substances that can pose children and pets to health risks. Therefore, you must be careful during and after application and read product instructions carefully.


Pour Ammonia Around The Perimeter Of Your Home

There are many ways to use ammonia to repel rodents but pouring an adequate amount of ammonia directly around the perimeter of your home is the most common. Rats can squeeze through the smallest of cracks into your house. This method works as a protective rat barrier for your entire home. 

Prepare Some Effective Homemade Rat Poison

Making an effective homemade rat poison is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is mix one or two cups of ammonia with an equal amount of water. You can also mix in a tablespoon of detergent and stir the solution to create a homogenous mixture.

You can place this solution in areas where rats frequent to repel them and keep them away for weeks. Replace the solution after every few weeks.

Make Some Ammonia Spray

To use ammonia spray, simply add the rat poison prepared above into a spray bottle and use it in rat activity areas. Note that this method may not provide highly effective results. 

Additionally, ammonia spray will most definitely leave your house with an unpleasant odor. Not forgetting that prolonged exposure to ammonia can result in health problems like eye and throat damage. 

Hence, it's vital that you read the guidelines and warnings in your product labeling to ensure yours, your loved ones, and your pets' safety. 

Soak Rags In Ammonia

This method is ideal for people who do not like the idea of leaving ammonia solutions around their homes. Simply soak a rag in the ammonia homemade rat poison above and place the rag near activity areas or seal rat entry points. Replace the rags after every few weeks for the best rat control results. 


A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Use Ammonia To Repel  Rats

  • Step 1- the most crucial step before doing any rat-proofing or rat extermination is to thoroughly inspect your entire property to spot any possible rat entry points. 
  • Step 2- measure an appropriate amount of ammonia into a cup and dilute it with equal water. Place the cup near the entry point. Alternatively, you can soak a piece of clothing in the ammonia and place it by the entry point. 
  • Step 3- Create a rat protection barrier by laying down a line of ammonia around the perimeter of your home. 
  • Step 4- Inspect after every few weeks and replace the ammonia solution/rags for the best results. 

In Conclusion

This guide teaches you how to use ammonia to keep rats away for good. However, please note that ammonia is toxic to both pets, children, and adults and can result in health risks like eye damage. Therefore, you must read the product guidelines and follow them keenly. 

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