How to get rid of mosquitoes in bathroom

Have you ever noticed pesky insects making themselves at home in damp areas, creating a sense of unease and reflecting poor cleanliness in your living spaces? You're not alone! Mosquitoes thrive in humid corners of your house, such as bathtubs and kitchen sinks. Although they might seem harmless, they can carry bacteria and other microorganisms from their breeding grounds to areas where you and your family spend time, potentially contaminating food, clothing, or household items. 

In this article, we'll explore effective ways to banish mosquitoes from your bathroom and keep your home feeling fresh and hygienic!

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Tips on how to get rid of mosquitoes in the bathroom

Mosquitoes often find their way into our bathroom, and they can be a nuisance. They fly around and bite you, making your skin itch and swell up. Not only that, but they can also carry diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, West Nile virus, and Zika. So if you are tired and bothered by these pests, here's how to get rid of them in your bathroom for good.

Flush the drain 

Mosquitoes often lay their eggs in bathroom drains, where the larvae can thrive on leftover debris. To eliminate their food source, flush your drains thoroughly with hot water and bleach. You can also use pine-scented baking soda for three consecutive nights and regularly clean your hair catcher to remove any trapped strands.

Keep your bathroom clean 

A clean bathroom is less appealing to mosquitoes, as they feed on dirt and debris. Maintain a regular cleaning routine to remove any buildup of grime, bacteria, and fungi that might attract these pesky insects.

A simple homemade solution to banish mosquitoes

Another way to get rid of mosquitoes in your bathroom once and for all is to make a mixture of water with vinegar, sugar, and detergent in a glass then leave it in the bathroom for one night. Afterward, to prevent ants from being drawn to sugar, place the glass in a plate of water.

Leave The Toilet Always Clogged

Mosquitoes also like to stay inside the toilet, so always leave the lid closed, preventing them from getting up and breeding.

Maintain a Well-Ventilated Bathroom

Since these pesky insects thrive in damp environments, it's essential to keep your bathroom well-ventilated to prevent humidity buildup.

If your bathroom has a window, be sure to keep it open during the day, particularly on warmer days. If you have an exhaust fan, turn it on after you shower to help reduce moisture.


Chemical Solutions

To get rid of mosquito eggs, you can use a variety of chemicals or even create a blend by combining them all:

  • Bleach; 
  • Baking soda with boiling water; 
  • Disinfectants; 
  • A solution made from laundry detergent, baking soda, and vinegar
How to use:

When you're cleaning your bathroom, apply these products down the drain, and keep repeating the process until all the eggs and mosquitoes are gone for good.

Using a Suitable Insecticide 

If the issue persists even after trying the above solutions, take the following steps to apply a suitable insect repellent:

  1. Close all doors and windows in your home.
  2. Spray the insecticide on areas where the insects are nesting for about 5 to 8 seconds.
  3. Leave the room, keeping it sealed for 15 minutes.
  4. Afterward, open all doors and windows, and turn on a fan to help disperse any lingering product.
  5. Repeat the process after one week if necessary.

Tip: Make sure to perform this procedure away from children and pets for their safety.

DIY Traps :

To create a homemade mosquito trap, follow these simple steps:

  1. Coat the inside of a plastic cup (sized to fit over your drain nozzle) with vegetable oil or Vaseline.
  2. Invert the cup over the drain, making sure it covers the opening completely.
  3. Leave the cup in place for several days.

As mosquitoes emerge from the drain, they'll become stuck to the oily surface of the cup and eventually die.


In conclusion, tackling those pesky mosquitoes in your bathroom can greatly improve your comfort and well-being. By following the tips we've provided, you'll be on your way to a mosquito-free sanctuary. Remember, if you ever need extra help, a professional exterminator is just a call away.

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