How to get a spider out of your car

Although spiders are mostly harmless, they can cause damage to the interior of your car. Whether you are preventing or controlling the spread of spiders, you can use one of many techniques to keep spiders out of your car. Cleaning your car, using natural spider repellents, and changing the way you park or use lights can help get rid of spiders in your car. With time and care, your car will be clean and spider-free again! 

Although spiders are usually harmless, they can invade your car and damage the interior. If you want to get a spider out of your car or eliminate them, use one of the many methods described in this article.

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How do spiders get into your car?

In the cooler months, spiders like to hang out inside door edges and on rails near windows. The researchers report that spiders are disturbed by the vibrations that cars can produce, which is why they move from their lairs to smoother places — like the steering wheel or the roof of a car — when they start driving. 

Spiders can easily enter your vehicle through cracks in your hood. They find places to make a home inside your car, where there are warm, damp places to hide. They even find their way inside your side mirrors! Once spiders get inside your vehicle, they can crawl through the air vents into the dashboard.

How long can a Spider live in a car?

The answer to the question is that you cannot say for sure. Many factors contribute to determining how long a spider can live in your car, including temperature and humidity levels inside the vehicle and outside. Spiders can survive and live without food or water from ten months to a year. It just depends on the type of spider and what they're living off of.

How to get a spider out of your car


The first method: Prevent the infestation of spiders.

Remove clutter and unnecessary items from the car.

Spiders hide in any dark, secluded place they can find, so do your best to eliminate your car's hiding spots. Get rid of any trash in your car and put all the things you don't need in a plastic or reusable bag. Put the bag in the trunk of the vehicle, and when you have time, take it out of the car and drop it at your house. 

Vacuum your car well 

Spiders love to hide in dark, dirty areas. Taking the time to clean your car can prevent spiders from finding places to live. Vacuum the floors of your car, paying particular attention to corners or any crumbs, and wipe the interior. 

Make sure your car doors are closed tightly. 

Run your fingers along with the rubber seals along with each door and check for damage. If you notice any cracks or broken areas, hire a mechanic to repair or replace your rubber seals.

Don't leave your car running for no reason for an extended period of time. 

Vibrations caused by annoying cars can annoy the spiders; escaping the vibrations can cause them to hide in your car. If possible, avoid starting your vehicle before you need to, especially if your car is prone to a spider infestation. 

The second method: Use spider repellents 


Mix an essential oil mist to ward off spiders naturally 

Because of its strong smell and taste, many essential oils repel spiders and other insects. Mix 5-7 drops of essential oil with 2 cups (470 ml) of water in a spray bottle and empty it around your car. The following essential oils work well to repel spiders (citrus, rosemary, garlic, peppermint, lavender). 

Spread eucalyptus leaves around your car as a non-toxic repellent 

Eucalyptus leaves are a natural spider repellent with a botanical scent. Put fresh eucalyptus leaves in the storage compartments of your car (such as the luggage compartment and glovebox) to keep spiders out of a specific area. 

Spray a non-toxic spider repellent in your car to get rid of spiders quickly 

Look for spider repellents at outdoor stores, in the garden, or in the home. Choose a spider-repellent labeled "non-toxic" to prevent poisoning or skin irritation. Spray it on vents, door mirrors, tires, and under a hood because these are the four most likely places for spiders to hide in your car. Reuse spider repellent once a week to ward off future infestations. 

The third method: Control the outbreak inside the car


Catch and get rid of any spiders in your car 

Remove any spiders you see while cleaning to prevent them from laying eggs in your car. Then, trap the spider with a cup or your hands and exterminate or release it away from your vehicle. 

Vacuum your car completely 

Using a vacuum cleaner with an attached tube, look for any spider egg sacs, webs, or extra spiders you see. Pay special attention to the corners or areas under the mats and chairs. Vacuum up any dirt, crumbs, or other debris that you see as well — they can attract spiders. 

Turn off your interior lights while using your car 

Spiders are attracted to bright lights, so keep your car's interior lights off at all times if you notice an infestation. At night when you need outside lights, turn them off immediately after parking the car. 

Repair any cracks or holes in your car so that spiders can't get to them. 

Spiders are more likely to slip through any cracks, gaps, or holes in your vehicle's exterior. Inspect your vehicle for any damage, especially any holes that lead into the interior of your car, and have it repaired yourself or take your vehicle to an authorized mechanic for repairs. Getting rid of open spaces will make it more difficult for spiders to get into your car.


When you find a spider in your car, don't panic. First, try to identify the type of spider by looking for certain identifying features. You can then use our handy guide below to determine which method is best for removing it from your car. If you are still unsure whether or not it's safe to get close enough to remove the creature yourself, contact a pest control professional who will be able to safely deal with the problem without endangering you or others on the road!

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