Do onions kill rats? All you need to know

A lot of people believe that onions are the answer to killing rats. This is because rats have a very strong sense of smell, and they're attracted to the scent of an onion. However, there are some significant disadvantages to this method. First off, it doesn't work on all types of rats- for example; black rats aren't as affected by the onion scent as brown ones would be. Secondly, you might end up using more than one onion per rat- which can cost you quite a bit in terms of your grocery bill! 

Some people call them "onion bombs," and others refer to them as "rat grenades," but the fact is that we all know how effective onions are when it comes to killing rats. Well, does that mean that placing a few onion peels around your backyard will be enough to rid you of any pesky rodents? Let's find out!

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Characteristics of rats 

Rats are rodents belonging to the Muridae family. They are around 30cm tall and have a long body and pointed muzzles. They also have a long, thin tail and short dark chestnut, light chestnut, or black hair. 

These animals can adapt to many environments as they will feed on almost anything; they can swim, burrow and run. Unfortunately, however, this same capacity for adaptation has led them to the underground basements of our cities, where they can contract all types of diseases. 

Among the diseases that rats transmit are rabies, salmonellosis, tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and Ebola. In addition, they may also be infested by external parasites, like fleas and ticks, and infestations of internal parasites. For all these reasons, it is better not to have rats in the house. To find out how to scare away rats, follow our advice!

What smell drives rats away? 

Peppermint oil, castor oil, and lemongrass oil repel rats. Use cotton balls soaked in these oils, or just sprinkle some oil where the rats stay, and they will leave for less pungent climates. Pepper and crushed onions will also do the trick. 

What do rats hate the most? 

The odors that mice hate include chemical odors such as mothballs, the stench of rat predators like cats, raccoons, ferrets, and several natural scents such as the smell of lemongrass peppermint, and eucalyptus oils. 

Is vinegar rat repellent?

Will vinegar kill rats? White vinegar is the most aggressive vinegar. It stands to reason, then, that he can keep mice away. We already know that mice hate strong smells, but this is perhaps the strongest of all. You can continue to do this method until the mice feel they have to leave your place. 

Does bleach repel rats? 

Rats, like many humans, don't like the strong smell of bleach. Spraying a solution of bleach and water around where the rats meet may help drive them away. Of course, if the rats aren't already indoors, spraying a bleach solution at a point of entry may deter them from entering your home. 

Do onions kill rats?

Well, onions have been used for a variety of purposes throughout history- from cooking to medicine. So it would be expected of onions to kill rats as well, right? The short answer is no- onions do not kill rats.

Cooked onions are harmless to mice because the toxic elements in raw onions weaken at high temperatures. On the other hand, boiled onions are also delicious for mice, and they will love the taste of onions in their food. So mice can eat onions but only after they are cooked. 

On the contrary, you should know that if onions are not cooked, they can cause severe stomach upset in mice. If they take many undercooked onions, it will make them very weak and even kill them. It is worth noting that rats do not vomit, which effectively kills them if they eat a lot of uncooked onions. They cannot remove it from the system, which will harm them and negatively affect them. You can also cut some fresh onions and put them in the closet. The new, pungent smell of onions keeps mice away.

How to get rid of rats naturally?

There are many ways on how to kill rats naturally that you can try. Still, the important thing is that whatever method of control or elimination you use, you must always make sure that chosen method will be safe for children and pets. 

Use sea salt. Sea salt is usually less expensive than any other commercially produced rat repellent, and it is also very safe for your children and pets. To effectively kill rats naturally, you should spread it wherever you think the rats may go, like the garden and near their favorite hiding places. Remember that they like dark and damp spaces, so make sure that those areas get a lot of sea salt.

Peppermint oil has an overpowering smell that rats don't like either. Just put some on cotton balls and place them in dark hiding places.

Another kill rats naturally idea is to use cayenne pepper, garlic powder, or mustard seed; just mix them with flour and sprinkle it wherever you think there are rats. If possible, try to get the rat's attention by scattering some seeds on top of this mixture so they'll come near it and eat it. Thus kill rats naturally without hurting them physically since they will die from internal bleeding.

Why shouldn't you use poisons to get rid of mice?

Not all methods of killing mice are equal. Although the poison is used extensively, experts do not recommend this option. While the poison kills mice, it can kill animals that feed on mice carcasses, inadvertently poisoning domestic animals. 

Moreover, most toxins don't work directly for a good reason; that's why poison manufacturers don't want mice to become wary of poisoned bait, so what usually happens is that a mouse eats poisoned bait, goes back to its nest, and then dies. But unfortunately, mice like small holes, and they live in hard-to-reach places to her, like walls. 

Of course, you don't want to smell a dead mouse for several months; Since rat carcasses decompose slowly inside the walls, we advise you not to use poisons to kill rats. 

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