How to get rid of cockroaches in apartments

There are many ways to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment, and you must find the right strategy for your own home. This article will cover some of the most popular methods to make a more informed decision about which one works best for your living situation. You'll also learn how to prevent future infestations by following these strategies too!


How to identify cockroaches in your apartment

A cockroach is a crawling insect. It moves along horizontal and vertical surfaces and can infiltrate cracks in walls. These small animals are attracted to garbage cans and other waste that can stagnate in the sink, in particular. Cockroaches can feed and increase when a kitchen is poorly maintained and the plates and countertops are not cleaned regularly. In addition, it will be possible to detect their presence in the apartment from the feces that they tend to leave in their path. So if cockroaches find their food in the kitchen, residents will most likely be able to see them walking around or identifying their droppings. 

Cockroaches come out when night falls, and they hide during the day. Nevertheless, they leave traces that allow them to be identified. Some of the most common signs of an infestation of these pests are egg pouches and remnants of larval cocoons, droppings (which look like ground coffee beans), and a terrible odor given off by their pheromones. Likewise, they attack soft and sweet foods, such as fruit and plastic; cardboard packaging does not stop them. Thus, it is common to find traces of their passage on foodstuffs. On the other hand, if cockroaches come out during the day, it means that the invasion is important ... 

To recognize the signs of a cockroach infestation, you also need to know where they are hiding. They have several favorite places, including the kitchen and the bathroom, because they find heat sources there. They also like humidity and can be housed in a sauna, spa, or near pipes drains. They also hide in drawers of kitchen furniture, tables, and even under seats. Being able to fit into tiny cracks, they manage to squeeze into ceilings, walls, baseboards. So many places where you can spot signs of their presence. And to eliminate them, disinsection is necessary because they are tough and resistant to insecticides sold in supermarkets. 

How to get rid of cockroaches in apartments

The cockroach is the symbol of a dirty apartment. As soon as it appears, it would be best if you took immediate hygiene measures.

To overcome the cockroach infestation, we can apply a few natural tips to different apartment areas. In addition, this technique requires prior cleaning of the entire interior. Usually, these pests are more numerous in the kitchen. You will then have to start by plugging the holes around the sink and dishwasher. Both the kitchen and the bathroom must be kept dry at all times after use (remember to ventilate). In addition, you must immediately get rid of food scraps and do not leave dirty plates, pots, cutlery lying around. It is also necessary to lift the armchairs, rugs, beds, tables, books, boxes, drawers, and mattresses, box springs, and headboards to vacuum them. Once the hygiene is ensured, we can begin to apply these homemade tips in every corner. 

Using boric acid and onion

This remedy is a mixture of different ingredients to form a paste. To make it, we will need half a cup of regular flour, half a chopped onion, a little water or beer, three tablespoons of boric acid, and a pinch of sugar. We can mix everything in a container. Once the dough has formed, you have to put it in each part of the house and spot the cockroaches' hiding places. It would be a good idea to use the soda caps for the application. This remedy is practical, effective, and economical. 

Dehydrate cockroaches with borax

Borax is a formidable element to get rid of cockroaches. It is a natural ingredient for making soap. But, this component is also capable of dehydrating cockroaches to death. So we will have to target the nests of these pests and spread the borax there to suppress them. However, care must be taken to ensure that this remedy is not within reach of children. In addition, it can also be fatal for pets. 

Trapping cockroaches with bay leaf

To carry out this technique, we will need to place chopped bay leaves around places these insects shelter. Cockroaches cannot stand the smell of bay leaves. This method, therefore, makes it possible to keep them away from the house.

Make cardboard traps

Although they are small critters, it is perfectly possible to trap cockroaches. To do this, we can use cardboard boxes to spread glue and garnish with little pheromones or food. The traps are to be placed in strategic places. For example, we can use plastic bags to lock them up and burn them. 

Fighting cockroaches with cucumber

Cucumber is a food that is eaten raw and offers an exceptional taste and countless benefits. But what people don't know is that this ingredient can very well be used to combat the infestation of insects. The technique is very simple. Just put cucumber ends on the shelves and in every corner of the room. However, don't forget to replace them once they wilt.

The effectiveness of mint essential oil

The essential oil is a crucial element for its healing properties and its use in culinary art. In addition, it is also a formidable remedy to overcome pests such as cockroaches. All we'll have to do is mix 25ml of this stuff into a cup of water. It is best to pour the mixture into a spray bottle to allow a good application. So it will suffice to spray it in all apartment angles, such as in window and door openings, closets, and many other hard-to-reach areas. Ideally, this practice should be done once or twice a week. 

Catnip to repel cockroaches

Just like bay leaf, catnip gives off an odor that is unbearable for cockroaches. Spreading catnip all over the house can help immediately ward off these pests from your home. 

Kill cockroaches with white vinegar

Just vinegar can be enough to remove cockroaches simply and practically. Just spray it wherever cockroaches can get stuck, such as under kitchen furniture, in walls, ... We can be sure to get rid of these pests in less than two days. This solution is also ideal for cleaning carpets and depriving them of cockroach nests.

Use vinegar, oil, shampoo.

Mixing half a glass of vinegar, half a glass of oil, and half a glass of shampoo would also be formidable in killing pests. So instead, you will need to put everything in a spray bottle with a bit of water and spray the solution in all apartment corners. 

Cockroaches adapt very quickly to a new insecticide and thus quickly become immune. We must therefore fight against them in the long term. It is by changing the way they live that it will be possible to eradicate them. First, it will be necessary to remove any food source that they could reach. Then, regularly plug the wastewater outlets. Finally, in a building, all residents must disinfect their homes regularly. The cockroaches should disappear with all these measures taken, but we must remain attentive because they recolonize a place very quickly. 


If you want to prevent cockroaches in your apartment, you must take the necessary precautions. There are many ways to get rid of them but if they have already invaded your space, try these tips for getting rid of them quickly and efficiently. Remember that prevention is key when taking steps against this pesky pest!

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