Killer Treats: Using Marshmallows to Get Rid of Moles

Have you ever woken up to find molehills all around your garden? It's an absolute disaster! Moles can uproot flowers and plants and generally wreak havoc on manicured lawns. Killing them is the only way to stop them from destroying your yard. Ask any farmer who has experienced this - they have a story to tell! It turns out that killing moles with marshmallows is a surprisingly effective way to get rid of them.

While it hasn't been officially verified, lots of people seem to agree that it works. People who've tried this method say they've had great success in reducing the number of moles in their gardens. Moles can sometimes be dangerous, as they can bite people and spread diseases like rabies. Fortunately, there are ways to safely control moles with just marshmallows! Find out more about this fun approach for getting rid of pesky moles!

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Understanding the Mole Problem

Moles are small mammalian creatures that live most of their lives beneath the soil. They vary in species but generally measure no more than 6 inches long and sport distinctive snouts and flat feet built for digging. While they won’t cause any physical harm to humans, moles can be a nuisance to homeowners as they tunnel through lawns in search of food or make nests around flower beds.

These pests can burrow wide networks of tunnels under yards, ruining perfectly manicured gardens or compromising the integrity of driveways and sidewalks with misdirected excavations. This can create safety hazards for property owners who risk tripping over protruding granules from subterranean cavities and may lead to costly repairs if left unchecked.

Fortunately, homeowners are not without recourse when dealing with moles. An effective but non-lethal solution involves using marshmallows to get rid of them. Marshmallows don't harm the moles, but they can be used as a deterrent by clogging up their tunnels and preventing the animals from moving freely through the soil below your lawn.  

The Diet of Moles

Moles mainly feed on worms and other bugs like insects, spiders, and centipedes. They'll also eat fruits, veggies, and nuts if they can get their hands on them! Moles need to eat regularly to stay alive. They have adapted their diet by eating mostly earthworms for the extra calcium needed for strong teeth and bones.

Other insects such as grubs or caterpillars provide taurine that helps with eyesight, while fruits and vegetables are great sources of vitamins. Finally, they get protein from nuts which is also a great energy source when tunneling underground. Generally, moles tend to have different diets depending on their location. All this variety helps moles stay healthy and strong!

Killing Moles with Marshmallows

If you're having trouble with moles in your garden, one effective way to get them out is to use commercial-grade marshmallows. The carrageenan in the marshmallows is toxic for moles and even though they can't digest it, they will try to eat their way through anyway. Start by removing any other food sources nearby so that the mole has no better option than eating through the marshmallow.

Once you've put the marshmallow in its burrow or tunnel, block up any escape route and then wait until you see a significant decrease in numbers before moving on to more drastic measures. Some other mole-removal techniques involve the use of a food attractant, such as peanut butter, but it's usually not as effective due to the moles' dislike for sweet and sticky foods. Marshmallows seem to be more successful in getting rid of moles because they can’t resist eating them.

How to Use Marshmallows to Get Rid of Moles


Moles can be a nuisance in yards, gardens, or lawns. They may create large mounds of dirt or damage plants with their digging activities. Luckily there is an effective home remedy that involves marshmallows to eliminate them. To get rid of moles with marshmallows, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Gather a handful of marshmallows and your garden tools.
  2. Locate the moles’ tunnels, which are usually visible as raised ridges in lawns or as holes dotted around gardens.
  3. Poke several marshmallows into each tunnel, packing them tightly so that they can’t be pushed out easily by the mole.
  4. Cover the hole with dirt after inserting all of the marshmallows and pat it down firmly to ensure that none fall out while you work on other tunnels nearby.
  5. Repeat this process until all of the tunnel entrances have been filled with packed-in marshmallows, then check every couple of days for signs that the moles have abandoned their tunnels in search of alternative sources for food or shelter (as well as any signs that there is ongoing activity).
  6. With luck, after a few weeks or even days, depending on how many moles were living in your area initially -the problem should be solved! Monitor closely though just in case more return later on; if needed repeat steps 1-5 accordingly!

Disadvantages of Killing Moles with Marshmallows 

The marshmallow method may take some time to be effective, as you need to wait days or weeks for the moles to digest them. You will not usually see the mole die when they ingest a marshmallow. Rather, over time, you will notice fewer molehills in your yard, which is an indication that this method is working.

Using marshmallows can be a bit of a waiting game as effects vary from mole to mole. You'll need to check your holes daily and replace any missing marshmallows so that they stay effective. There's no guarantee that this method will work since it's challenging to tell if the moles are dying or just moving on looking for new gardens!

Warning & Precautions When Setting Up a Marshmallow Trap

  • Check with your local wildlife department or pest control office to make sure that trapping is allowed in your area and be aware of any necessary permits or documents you need to obtain before setting the trap.
  • Set your marshmallow traps away from pet food dishes and birdfeeders as this may attract more than just moles.
  • Wear protective clothing when handling mole baits as some moles may carry dangerous diseases such as rabies and leptospirosis which can be transmitted by contact with their saliva, biting, feces, or urine. These should also be disposed of carefully in an appropriate container after use.

Alternative Methods of Getting Rid of Moles

If you're looking for ways to get rid of a mole, cutting off its food source by treating your lawn for insects such as grubs is an effective approach. Trapping can be time-consuming but it's one of the least cruel methods. There are also some deterrents like granular repellents or castor oil mixtures which may give temporary protection although they don't always work. If all else fails, you might have to call in an exterminator who can use poison bait where allowed.

Final Thoughts on Killing Moles with Marshmallows 

Using marshmallows as bait to kill moles may be one of the easiest and least disputed solutions for getting rid of them. We don't have any real scientific proof that it works just yet, but there are plenty of people who've given it a shot swearing about its effectiveness. If you want to clear up your yard from all the mole activity, using this method and applying some patience might give you what you need.

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