Can Bed Bugs get in your Private Parts?

Bed Bug infestations can be a source of great discomfort and frustration for a homeowner. These pests can be especially problematic for those with sensitive skin or a fear of the tiny bloodsuckers. One of the most common questions people have regarding these parasites is - can bed bugs get in your private parts?

The answer is no, bed bugs cannot get into your genitals. For several reasons, the body of a human being does not provide a suitable environment for the survival and successful reproduction of bed bugs. This is especially true when it comes to the genital regions. They will only bite exposed areas of the skin that they can easily access and leave as quickly as possible to avoid being vulnerable to attack.

Understanding the behavior of bed bugs can go a long way in helping alleviate any worries one might have regarding their ability to get into, bite, or live in a person's private areas, and that's what we'll be getting into here. We will also look at how people can prevent the possibility of bed bugs from getting to their genital regions. Let's get right to it!.

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Can Bed Bugs get in your Private Parts?

While the parasites can get access to and bite the general surrounding areas, they will never crawl into any opening they might find themselves nearby. Various factors make the private areas of a person's body unwelcoming to bed bugs. These characteristics make it impossible for them to survive and thrive in the nether regions of the human body. They include:

High Temperatures

An average human being is constantly generating heat. Our bodies' typical temperature is higher than the natural temperature of bed bugs, meaning staying near us for extended periods will be uncomfortable for them. This would be significantly exacerbated if they were inside the host person rather than on their skin.

The pubic regions experience exceptionally high temperatures due to the closeness of the thighs, friction while walking, and our underwear rubbing against our bodies. Should sweat be added to the mix, it will further deter bed bugs due to the high salt content of human sweat.

Restricted Air Flow

The private areas often see the most negligible air circulation of the entire body since they are almost always covered up. Even beachgoers might take off everything but leave their pubic region covered up. Bed bugs require oxygen to survive and will die if deprived of it for more than 30 minutes at a stretch. Of course, there is no air supply inside a person's private parts, meaning there is no chance for a bed bug to survive in there, assuming they somehow find themselves in there in the first place.

Acidity Levels

The private part of a perfectly healthy human female will have a pH value that renders it inhospitable to bed bugs and various assorted creepy crawlies. The pH value of a substance refers to its level of acidity, and the private part's pH value is slightly acidic. However, the levels of acidity might vary with age, climate, health, hormonal balance, and so on.

This natural adaptation serves the vital purpose of destroying potentially harmful fungi, bacteria, and so on, thus helping keep the woman's internal environment clean and free of contamination.

Menstrual Cycles

Unfortunately, there is a common myth in feminine reproductive health that a woman's period may attract specific bugs, bed bugs seemingly included. The reasoning behind this myth is usually ascribed to the hormonal changes that this stage of the reproductive cycle occasion in women's bodies.

The myth is entirely false, especially concerning the attractive properties of a woman's menses since they are composed of waste products that bed bugs would have no use for. It is simply an ignorant rumor with no foundation in reality. During that time of the month, women should not fear attracting unwanted visitors to their beds, as long as all else remains constant.


Which Regions of the Body do Bed Bugs Like?

The reality of the matter is that bed bugs do not like the human body in general. Even the body heat given off by a person is enough to make them uncomfortable. Still, they need a nearby host to feed off of, which is why they choose to live in the nooks and crannies of people's beds and bedding.

They will come out of these shadowy places in the nighttime when they sense a person nearby. They will feed on the sleeper's blood before returning to their hiding places. The way they operate means that the body parts they have access to will usually be exposed surfaces.

A person can find bed bug bite markings in their genital areas, but this is not due to them being attracted to the regions. Even though the skin in these areas is relatively thinner and easier to pierce, they are more challenging for them to reach, and so they will prefer exposed areas rather than struggling to get them.

Many people wonder whether these parasites have any preference for shaved or unshaved areas of the body. Generally speaking, bed bugs are tiny enough and have the right legs to move about through human hair, whether on a person's head, armpits, or pubic area, but they prefer not to. This would seem to be because the skin in these regions is not as rich in blood as the rest of the body's surface. So, they would have to make more tremendous efforts for less reward, which wouldn't make sense from their point of view.

Should you happen to have bed bugs bite you, whether around your pubic regions or not, you'll be able to tell this has happened by the appearance of itchy red bumps at the site of the bites. These bumps will make you want to scratch them urgently, and you might see a dark spot at their center or peak.


Keeping Bed Bugs Away from your Genitals

You can take a few measures to keep bed bugs away from your pubic region effectively should you find yourself in a place facing an infestation. Some are only temporary fixes, but they will all help you keep the bugs away from sensitive areas:

Apply Bug Repellants

There are a variety of bed bug repellents on the market that will prevent bed bugs from bothering you as you sleep. You will usually find these products in the pest control section of any local grocery store or supermarket. Be sure that the lotion you purchase is meant for application on human skin for your safety.

Put on Good Underwear or Pajamas

Bed bugs are somewhat opportunistic in their blood-foraging activities, meaning that they will usually bite the first bit of exposed skin they come across and scurry back into hiding. It might be enough to put on a good pair of underwear as you go to sleep or a long-sleeved set of pajamas to guard against this more effectively. These measures might still leave your hands, feet, and head open to attack, but bed bugs will be discouraged from making the trip to your private regions.

Wrap a Sheet or Blanket around Yourself

As we know that these bugs will take advantage of any exposed skin, it follows that covering everything up might effectively thwart all their efforts. By using a sheet or blanket to cover up completely, you might successfully prohibit the bugs from finding a spot of skin to latch onto. An opening at the mouth and nose area for your breathing might be all you need to attain a peaceful night's rest.

Thoroughly Clean your Bedding

The blankets, sheets, and even the mattress you use are all potentially harboring the bed bugs that come out to disturb you in the night. Still, you can take a potentially decisive measure against them by conducting a thorough cleaning exercise using hot water, as this destroys them and their eggs. Dry the bedding at the highest heat settings for further assurance. There is a chance that some bugs will survive this procedure, but it is an excellent way to keep things under control as you seek more effective ways of dealing with the situation.

Eliminate the Infestation

It might be wise to consider eliminating the infestation to keep bed bugs away from your genitals with finality. There are various techniques and products on the market that might be helpful to a homeowner trying to handle the problem on their own, but bed bugs can be stubborn. Eliminating them might be beyond the average person's abilities, which is why such infestations are best handled by professionals who have the equipment and experience to ensure a thorough job is done.

Final Thoughts

It's essential to remember that bed bugs are not a sign of poor hygiene - even the cleanest environment can become infested. Unlike other pests such as houseflies, these parasites search for mammals' blood and may thus be found anywhere. We should also note that bed bugs do not carry any diseases with the potential to infect human beings, unlike mosquitoes and other insects.

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