How To Keep Spiders Out Of Storage Unit (9 Effective Ways)

Taking care of a pest problem in your home is one thing, but keeping spiders and other invasive pests out of your storage unit is quite another. 

A storage unit is basically an enclosed space exclusively used for__you figured it out__storage! This space shelves larger and smaller items, including books, clothes, furniture, electronics, and even your grandpa's favorite antique. 

While you trust your storage unit to protect and preserve your most treasured items, pesky pests like roaches, mice, and spiders can turn it into a home of their own. Spiders are prolific breeders, and if not controlled immediately, a small infestation will quickly multiply into a huge problem. 

Although spiders have a reputation as harmless and beneficial predators, they love hiding in furniture and wooden antiques. They find it easy to weave their creepy cobwebs in, around, and underneath such structures.

Furniture makes the ideal spot for hundreds of spider eggs to hatch. Besides, these little critters also excrete thick, whitish liquid droppings that can stain surfaces. Hence, it's important that you learn how to keep spiders out of storage units to keep your belongings safe. 

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Are Spiders Hiding In My Storage Unit? 

Spiders will come into your storage unit in search of the three basic needs: food, water, and shelter. These creepy crawlies can enter the unit via open doors, windows, and air vents. Thanks to their flexible bodies, spiders can also fit through the barely noticeable cracks in the foundation of your home. 

A small cockroach or mosquito infestation can spell disaster for your entire storage unit. Generally, spiders will wander into an insect-infested building and feed on the most common bugs. Homeowners can also inadvertently bring spiders into the storage unit. Items being brought inside could be harboring spiders and their egg sacs. 

Although they help get rid of harmful pests, many spiders can cause alarm for most people. You will commonly find spiders hiding in the quiet areas that are not fully exposed. They especially prefer places with a lot of clutter as it makes it easier for them to hide. 

The best way how to keep spiders out of storage units is by controlling insects and eliminating other factors that attract the pests. It is also vital to thoroughly inspect all items being introduced into the storage unit to get rid of any hitchhikers that can potentially make a home inside.


Why Are Spiders In My Storage Unit?

Finding out what is causing spiders to appear will help you figure out the best way how to keep spiders out of the storage unit. As noted earlier, spiders are in constant search of food, water, and shelter. However, some factors in your storage unit can readily invite the eight-legged critters in abundance. 

Below are factors that may be making your storage unit tempting to a spider infestation: 

Easy Acess

Technically, your storage unit would need to have a food source for spiders to invade and settle permanently. However, some reasons like easy access may explain why you're suddenly seeing many spiders in the storage unit. For instance, you might have brought a spider and its egg sac into the room while bringing boxes from your garage or firewood from outdoors. 

A single female spider can deposit up to 250 eggs into an egg sac. The eggs will hatch in only about 2-3 weeks, depending on the species and environmental conditions. In only a few weeks, the spiderlings will be ready to stake out their own territories, and soon they'll start laying eggs. Faults like cracks along baseboards can also provide access to spiders and other stragglers. 

Ample Hiding Spots 

Unfortunately, your storage unit can provide numerous hiding spots for spiders and other invaders. Spiders are quite shy, preferring to hide during the day and come out at night to catch prey and look for a suitable mate. 

These nocturnal insects prefer to spin their webs and catch prey in the dark and dry areas with less traffic. The holiday decorations, school supplies, and unused boxes can harbor insects, including roaches and spiders. 

Food Supply 

Storage units tend to attract insects. Unfortunately, roaches are particularly common in storage units. These unhygienic pests are especially high up on most spiders' menus. Spiders also eat mosquitoes, flies, moths, and ants, which can be found in the storage unit. It won't take long for hungry spiders to discover this potential food source and invade your storage unit. 


Is It Okay If I Leave Spiders In My Storage Unit? 

The most common spider species are not inherently dangerous to property, pets, or even human beings. 

Even though they tend to have a menacing reputation, spiders are not as dangerous as most people think. For one, of the nearly 4,000 spider species found in the United States, only a handful can bite when provoked- if their fangs can pierce human skin at all. 

Aside from spinning creepy cobwebs and leaving formidable droppings on surfaces, spiders are not destructive. Instead, these industrious invaders spend most of their time providing important services like keeping destructive pests and small creatures in check. 

However, even with such reliable services, some people are highly arachnophobic and can't tolerate spiders on their premises. Besides, lots of spiders and cobwebs in your storage unit can honestly become a nuisance! In addition, some people are allergic to spider bites, which makes the insects dangerous to have around. 

Therefore, while a majority of homeowners are happy leaving spiders on their premises, others may need to learn how to keep spiders out of storage units.

How To Keep Spiders Out Of Storage Units

Keeping spiders out of the storage unit is relatively easy. However, if your schedule is already packed with activities, the most convenient way to keep spiders out storage unit is to have a pest control professional take care of the problem for you. Alternatively, you can have Cecil, your pet lizard, do the hunting for you. 

Below, we thoroughly discuss the best way to keep spiders out of storage units. While at it, we will also give you tips on how to make your storage unit unattractive to spiders and other pests: 

To minimize the likelihood of your storage unit becoming a haven for pests, you must be proactive in the following ways: 

Prepare Your Unit 

Prepare your storage unit by sweeping the entire flooring to remove all dirt and clutter. Spiders like untidy places, exploiting the dirty nooks and crannies to make homes. You should also inspect the unit to ensure that you don't already have an active pest infestation. 

Seal Cracks and Holes

Most spider species are quite small and flexible. They can easily access your unit via unimaginably tiny cracks and holes in the walls and baseboards. Keenly inspect the walls and seal up all holes, for instance, using caulk to barricade possible spider entry points. 

Treat The Unit

Spray the walls, ceilings, doors, windows, corners, and flooring with an effective bug spray or peppermint oil. You can also spray the outside perimeter of your storage unit to keep spiders away. The sharp odor produced by peppermint oil usually lasts for two weeks, during which time it effectively repels spiders and other bugs. On the plus side, peppermint oil does not damage items; instead, it leaves the entire unit and your items with a cool and refreshing smell. 

Choose A Unit That Has Pest Control

If you are renting a storage unit, choose a facility that performs regular pest control services. This reduces the chances of other bugs and spiders coming into your storage unit. Such a facility takes the worry and hassle of keeping spiders out of storage off your shoulders. 

Use Sealable Containers

Cardboard boxes are the cheapest and most readily available storage containers. However, they can readily invite spiders and other bugs like rats and mice, which will actively damage your property. Therefore, if you're using cardboard boxes, you must ensure they are tightly sealed up with a strongly adhesive tape that delivers a long-lasting bond. The best idea is to use plastic containers with sealable lids. Most bugs cannot chew through plastics, and spiders cannot squeeze their way into your stuff. 

Do Not Store Food In The Unit 

Storing foods in your storage unit is a big NO! Foods will easily grow mold and mildew, which will quickly spread to your other stuff. Even worse, foods are the biggest pest attractant and the best critters buffet! Therefore, don't store foods, including pet food and birdseed, in the storage unit. If you're storing kitchen items, ensure they are spotlessly clean and well wrapped in a plastic bag. 

Wrap upholstered items And Keep Things Off The Floor

Upholstered items are a safe haven for the creepy critters. They will make their nests and lay their eggs in abundance without you even noticing. Ensure all upholstered chairs, couches, etc., are well wrapped in protective plastics and raised off the floor. Using small pallets to elevate your belongings will help deter spiders and other pests. 

Inspect The Unit Regularly 

Most pests are perfect hiders. It's easy for spiders and other bugs to invade your storage unit without your knowledge. Therefore, you want to regularly visit and inspect the storage space to spot any signs of pest activities, such as cobwebs, droppings, and damaged items. Besides, you will need to refresh your peppermint oil or any other treatment often.

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