What to Put on Mice Trap

 Mice are pests that can wreak havoc in homes. There are different solutions to get rid of them. Homemade traps or not, here are some tips for choosing an effective mousetrap.

Living between walls or in layers of insulation, mice can destroy your electrical cables by nibbling them and use all types of materials, such as insulating foam, to make their nests. A real scourge, just like field rats, each mouse can give birth to a hundred mice each year. Discover our effective traps to stop having mice at home. 


How to identify mice?

Although there are general-purpose baits that are designed to eradicate various rodents, those specifically intended for mice will prove to be more effective when attacking this particular species.  
The easiest method to identify them is to observe the shape and size of their droppings. If they are small droppings with pointed ends and measuring about 5 mm, they are mice. On the other hand, if the poop is long and rounded, you are indeed dealing with rats. 
If you've had eye contact with the pests that invade you, be aware that rats are much larger than mice, and their tail is the length of their body. 

What is the best mice trap?

If your house or apartment is overrun with little mice, don't worry, there are several ways you can keep them away from your home so that they don't cause damage. 
Many effective options are available to you: natural method, anti-mouse products, homemade mousetrap, electric trap, etc. You are spoiled for choice. One thing is sure, with these techniques, you will soon have no more mice at home! 

How to get rid of mice the natural way? 

The champion of natural products to get rid of mice remains the cat. The latter likes to chase them; they will not risk coming to settle in your home if you have one. Another solution is to opt for an ultrasound diffuser, remarkably effective, which will keep mice away from your home. However, ultrasound is unbearable for your pets. This solution is, therefore, to be preferred only if you do not have a four-legged companion. 

How to get rid of mice with products? 

Various products are commercially available to get rid of mice in a home. Of course, the mouse swatter remains a first-choice tool that we often think of first. But there are also particularly effective baits packaged in small sachets. These slow-acting poisons have the advantage of not being volatile (unlike powdered rodenticide), therefore not polluting the first draft's atmosphere. In addition, the rodent will tend to bring this bait back to its nest, which will cause the loss of all its offspring. 

Create a homemade mousetrap with a bottle

To trap mice without killing them, you can make a mousetrap with a bottle. An effective in-house solution! Many tutorials are available on the Internet. How does it work? A water bottle, two pieces of wood, serves as a ramp so that the mouse reaches the base of the bottle, and the other fixed under the bottle allows a tilting system and thus blocks the mouse returned inside. She will find herself trapped and will not be able to get out of the bottle. All you have to do is put it back outside. 

Electric or electronic mouse trap

On the Web, we often find the name "electric mousetrap." In reality, they are electronic traps. The confusion arises from the fact that this type of mouse trap generates electrical voltage to kill the pest. The advantages of this trap are that depending on the model, it can be programmable and quickly eliminates its target 100%. How does this type of device work? It emits high voltage electric shocks, which kill the mouse immediately in just a few seconds. 

What to put on a mice trap?

First of all, it is important to remember that a single bait will not be enough to lead them to the trap. Then, which food to use? Mice like hazelnuts, walnuts, chocolate, peanut butter, etc. They like food rich in protein. Forget the cheese found in children's stories; this technique does not work! 

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