How to get rid of bed bugs naturally

Bed bugs are harmful little beasts that crawl into bedding and clothing. There are several solutions to get rid of them before they proliferate throughout the house, such as essential oils. It is important to treat infected objects with cold, heat, or insecticides. 


Get rid of bed bugs naturally.

It is difficult to get rid of bed bugs. These little nocturnal beasts are good at hiding in odd places and escaping the most vigilant eyes. In addition, their life cycle is rapid. They quickly form real colonies. To eliminate them naturally, nothing like essential oils: 

  • Tea tree essential oil is renowned as natural pest control and insecticide. It repels bed bugs with its scent and prevents them from growing. 
  • Clove essential oil is also an excellent natural insecticide. In addition, it is effective in the fight against a large number of parasites, including bedbugs and mites. 
  • Most insects can't stand the strong smell of lemon eucalyptus essential oil. 

It is best to use lavender essential oil to treat the bedding of a pregnant woman or a child. Just as effective as tea tree essential oil or clove essential oil, it stands out for its safety.

Using cold to get rid of bed bugs

To treat clothes infested with bedbugs, cold is effective. Just put the clothes in a plastic bag and put them in the fridge overnight. These tiny insects won't resist it. If there is enough room in the refrigerator, why not try this method for sheets and covers? Otherwise, it is possible to process the whole room. Here's how to do it: 
  1. Sprinkle liquid nitrogen or carbon dioxide snow in the chamber. Insist on the bed and below. 
  2. Leave the treatment to act for at least 2 hours. 
  3. Wash hands well and change clothes.

For this tip, wearing gloves and suitable clothing is required. 

Regarding heat treatment, it is reserved for professionals.

Clean the furniture

Bed bugs are particularly fond of warm, dimly lit places, especially furniture. Therefore, to deal with them effectively, it is essential to clean them. 

  • Empty drawers and other storage; 
  • Dust the interior with a brush. A toothbrush is more suitable for removing finer dust. 

The vacuum cleaner is more effective at thoroughly cleaning closets. 

Clean the walls and floor

After the furniture, you have to clean the walls and the floor. 

  1. Move all the furniture;
  2. Dust every corner of the room using a suitable brush;
  3. There's nothing like a vacuum cleaner to reach hard-to-reach places.

Small tips:

  • Those with a wooden floor need to wax it from time to time, once a month. 
  • Control the proliferation of bedbugs to use the vacuum cleaner properly and effectively. It is crucial to maintain the unit properly. Cleaning after each use is essential. 
  • Also, make sure to insulate the vacuum cleaner bag to avoid any risk of propagation.

Wash laundry efficiently 

It is advisable to wash your linens and blankets well To get rid of bed bugs. Cleaning at 60 ° C is much more efficient. If the laundry cannot withstand this temperature, you should use cold in this case. Freeze it at -20 ° C for three days, and voila! It is strongly recommended to do a steam cleaning at 110 ° C or 180 ° C to dislodge the most stubborn little critters. They are not resistant to high temperatures.

Other solutions to get rid of bedbugs 

Before resorting to drastic bedbug control methods, here are some more emergency tips to try:

  • Diatomaceous Earth: This is a substance made up of fossilized algae. Diatomaceous earth is an excellent insecticide that is both effective and natural. It is enough to put somewhere the insects pass to kill them. 
  • Silica gel: this product is effective in dehydrating and killing pests. Bed bugs are no exception. To do this, reduce the silica gel to a powder and apply it throughout the room. For example, insist on the mattress and along the walls. The silica gel powder sticks to insects and dehydrates them. It is important to repeat the operation every five days to remove any newly hatched eggs. The treatment usually lasts five weeks. 
  • Wintergreen Alcohol: It is effective in killing bedbugs and their eggs. Not easy to find, wintergreen alcohol can be applied directly to nests and insects with a spray bottle. It should also be put on the bed and the headboard. 

How to Control the bedbug infestation

To prevent the spread of bedbugs throughout the house, here are some recommendations:
  • Pass all infected objects through the machine if possible. Otherwise, heat them.
  • For small items, wrap them in a plastic bag and put them in the sun for several days.
  • Wash all linens, clothing, bags, bedspreads, fabric objects, lint, and pillows at high heat and dry them at high heat as well. Some laundromats offer this kind of service.

Use insecticides

If the infested items cannot be washed, all that remains is to use insecticides. They are effective in eliminating all parasites. However, before their use, it is important to prepare the room. For it : 

  • Wash sheets, covers, and duvets.
  • Empty furniture: wardrobes, dressers, nightstands, etc. 
  • Store clothes in soluble laundry bags.
  • Use vacuum.

This extensive cleaning is also an opportunity to eliminate all the unnecessary objects that are real niches for bedbugs.

For the application of the insecticide, here are the instructions: 

      1. Wear gloves and an apron.
      2. Close all windows and doors.
      3. Pour the product under the bed and in the corners of the bedroom.
      4. Leave to act and close the room.
      5. Wait at least an hour before opening the door.
      6. Clean gloves, apron, and hands.

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